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Life-long, natural pet nutrition.
40 years of highest quality pet food manufacturing in Wagin, WA.

What we deliver

Life-Long Performance.

Grainfeeds Australia is family owned business that has created extruded dry dog & cat food for Almost 50 years. We are part of the established fourth generation farming community of Wagin 200 km south of Perth WA Australia.

Wagin receives a district rainfall average of 375mm which assures the quality and supply of raw materials throughout the year. Our range is ideal for life-long companions and working animals.

Natural Ingredients.

We create food for pets with care attention. We use local fish, lamb and beef blended with healthy oils, vitamin A, sunflower seeds and whole-grains to created a healthy natural meal.

Our products are nutritionalist formulated according to the AAFCO nutrient profile. We are proudly accredited with the Australian Pet Food Industry Association which recognises excellence in pet food.

Australian owned.
Australian made.

Alert Nutrition

Beef. Lamb. Fish. Real.

Our pets live in and often work in natural environments. They deserve natural food. We give them real meat to make sure they’re up for the challenge.

Award-winning extrusion.

Grainfeeds proudly received the Advance Australia Award for our contribution to extruding technology, a process where we blend raw ingredients into dough and cut it into delicious and digestible kibbles.

Tested, packed and delivered.

We have a variety of formulations to suit the different needs of your pet: Beef, Lamb, Fish etc.

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Office: Suzanne Rowe